Dressing Big Game
Dan Walker Productions, a video production company in Lewiston Idaho is pleased to announce the release of their newest video "Field Dressing Big Game", an instructional DVD designed to teach hunters the proper method of dressing, skinning, and quartering deer, elk, or other large animals.

Clint Rand of the Idaho Department of Fish and Game guides the viewer through a step by step process, explaining how and why each cut is made and the best way to make it.

Dr. Mark Drew, Wildlife Veterinarian for the Idaho Department of Fish and Game, also discusses common wildlife diseases (e.g…chronic wasting disease) and parasites

Field Dressing Big Game is a great totureral for any skilled hunter to one that just got out of Hunter Education no matter what state your in.This is a professionally produced DVD using two broadcast quality cameras to show both tight and wide shots of each step of the process.

This DVD was produced in cooperation with the Idaho Department of Fish and Game. Dr. David Knotts, Executive Director of the International Hunter Education Association, has placed Field Dressing Big Game on the association's preferred DVD list.

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